Thursday, January 3, 2013

Change Your Nasty, Hypocritical and Corrupt Ways...and then You Will Re-Live My Softened Side

Luders Allen

December 2012
© Copyright 2013

Deeply in my heart, I know you're not
A nasty, hypocritical and
Corrupt human. But, your societal
Circle corrupts you and makes you like
termites in houses' planks. To fit and
To be in your societal circle,

You oblige to be in the ways you're
Described, because that's the way to be
So as to be part of such circle.
When you are side by side with me that
You adore and love (that is not part
Of your nasty, hypocritical

And corrupt circle), you act with me
Like water that falls into a hot
Pan of oil. You superficially
Act this way, simply to prove members
Of your nasty, hypocritical
And Corrupt circle that you belong

In such circle. Afterwards, your chest
Burns and you regret all you'd just done
To me... If there is one of the things
In your life that causes you are not
Happy, the way you are is one of
The causes. Deeply in your heart, you

Know the way you are is no danm good.
But, you just can't let go, so as to
Let self-esteem shines upon you. Being
This way makes me tough with you. Deeply
In your heart, I'm no tough human. I
Am the same human that you've known since

Yesterdays, yesterweeks, yestermonths
And yesteryears. Just because I don't
Give you ways, ways, ways to mistreat, to
Humiliate and to disrespect
Me, you see me as a tough human.
I am no tough human. And deeply,

Deeply in your heart, you know it, too.
If you change your hypocritical,
Nasty and corrupt ways, you will live
Again, again my softened way.