Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Clifford Brandt, the Elitist Mastermind Haitian Kidnapper and Jean Claude Duvalier, the Former Haitian Dictator, Shadowed by the Haitian Media and Justice System.

Luders Allen

March 6, 2014

© Copyright 2014

Haitians within and abroad have been asking themselves these two questions: why do the Haitian Justice and Prison Systems hide the imprisonment lifestyle of Clifford Brandt and the trial of Former President Jean Claude Duvalier, from the media's exposures? And why does the Haitian Justice System only expose to the media the arrests, trials and imprisonments of the subordinate Haitian kidnappers and poor criminals?

Well, these two questions required a clarification on how all Justice Systems in the world functioned. In all countries in the world, crime suspects and convicted criminals of highly social status, when arrested and or sentenced, are always received special treatments and their privacies retained, by the Justice and Prison Systems.

According to the New York City Defense Attorney, Ron Kuby, it is only in the United States crime suspects of highly social status are always received the same standardly humiliated treatments, when held under the authority of law as suspects or if convicted and received hard punishments, as poor and or ordinary criminals (Cited in Long and Hays).

Although the New York City Defense Attorney, Ron Kuby, reported that the United States is the only country upper class, upper middle class, middle class, working class and poor class received the same generally humiliated treatments when arrested and or sentenced, meantime, such countries as China, North Korea and Cuba also apply the same standard policies as the United States (i.e., humiliation and hard punishments) toward crime suspects and convicted criminals, regardless their social status.

Regrettably and disgracefully, corruption and empathy based on individuals' social status dominate most countries' justice systems... Therefore, if Clifford Brandt and Jean Claude Duvalier have been gotten the best treatments and retainable privacies by the Haitian Justice and Prison Systems, while being on trial or convicted, don't be amazed about that because Clifford is one of the elite and wealthy members in the Haitian society and Duvalier is a former Haitian President, with lots of money, power and connections.

The Haitian Judicial system is like a concentric circle. The big time individuals with highly social status, money and power are always the victors or privileges and the poor individuals with low social status, no money and power are always the villains, whether being innocent or guilty. E.g., when Duvalier were on trial, many Haitians thought that he were going to be convicted, if found guilty. How could this be possible? This was impossible (and will still be impossible). The Haitian Justice system would have never ruled against this man.

A second instance, Clifford Brandt imprisoned at the Haitian National Penitentiary, in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti (Peralte). Why does not the Haitian Prison System allow the media to expose him, while being imprisoned? It is said that he is imprisoned, having said that evidence of perceiving with the eyes is never shown. The media never exposes him while he is in prison. A such mastermind behind the top kidnapping gangs, showing him while being sentenced, it would have been a big relief for the relatives of the individuals who were murdered and victimized by his notorious kidnapping gangs.

The late Ti Paris, Haitian musician, poet, composer and singer, has a passage in one of his lyrics that says:

"...Lè gran nèg milat la pete, yo di son gaz li rann. E lè malere-a po nwa pete, yo di se pete li pete e pete-a santi. Lè gran nèg milat la manke on dan devan, yo di son chenèt li genyen devan dan li. E lè malere-a po nwa gon chenèt devan dan li, yo di se mazora li mazora. Lè gran nèg milat la aji mal sosyalman, yo di se plèzi li lap pran. E lè malere-a po nwa aji mal sosyalman ou byen lap pran plèzi li, yo di se mal elve li mal elve, yo kritike li e yo di son ti kochon li ye..."

"When the wealthy Whites and or Mulattoes have farted in the manner of foolishness or aimlessness, people interpret their foolish or aimless farts as audible discharges of intestinal gases. And when the poor Blacks have farted in the manner of foolishness or aimlessness, people interpret their foolish or aimless farts as contemptible gases. When the wealthy Whites and or Mulattoes have missing front teeth, people interpret their missing front teeth as front gap teeth. And when the poor-black-skinned individuals have front gap teeth, people interpret their front gap teeth as missing front teeth. When the wealthy Whites and or Mulattoes are misbehaving socially, people say that they are having fun. And when the poor-black-skinned individuals are misbehaving socially or having fun, people criticize them by saying that they have no social manners and they are a bunch of pigs…"

Firstly, Clifford Brandt is a Haitian elitist and a mulattoe who looks like a white man. Especially when it comes to individualistic status and appearances in the Haitian society, individuals with highly social status, light-skinned and white-skinned complexions always granted certain privileges in all social aspects. Thus he will never get the same humiliated treatments and hard punishments as the poor-black-skinned convicted kidnappers and convicts for other crimes.

Secondly, Jean Claude Duvalier is a former Haitian leader who has lots of money, power and connections within and abroad. The Haitian Justice System would have never ruled agaisnt him, because there are lots of Duvalierists within the Haitian's government and also Martelly-Lamothe's administration (President Marthelly himself is a Duvalieriest, but a moderate one)... Putting Duvalier on trial was a pure demagogy, in order to demonstrate to the relatives of the innocent Haitians who were murdered, victimized and abused by the Duvalier's regimes justice was finally being done on their behalf.

Thirdly, the worst demagogy created by the Haitian Justice System was to put former President Jean Bertrand Aristide on trial. It created a tit-for-tat scenario, in order to give gratification to the Duvalier supporters, the Duvalieriests. As Duvalier was/is prosecuted, since Aristide supporters are the enemies of the Duvaliers and Duvalieriests, in consequence, Aristide must be prosecuted as well...

Putting Aristide on trial was a strategy, so as to prevent from bursting the anger and emotion of the Duvalierists, for putting Duvalier on trial. To put an individual on trial, evidence must be proven. All the crimes Aristide had/has been accused of (i.e., involving in illegal drug trade, stealing Haiti's monetary funds and being the mastermind in the killings of few political opponents), the Haitian Justice System cannot even prove one single evidence of them.

Meantime, the Haitian Justice System has the records of all the crimes, such as murdering political opponents, involving in the drug trade, selling dead human body parts, stealing Haiti's monetary funds and sabotaging Haiti's agricultural sector, Jean Claude Duvaliers had committed during his 15 years dictatorial regime, 1971-1986 (Jean Claude Duvalier). Furthermore, without counting the genocide and other crimes his father, Francois Duvalier, had committed during his regime, from 1958 to 1971.

In such a manner Duvalier's crimes are so obvious nationally and internationally, not too long after his settling in Haiti, Amnesty International (AI) published a report entitled, "You cannot Kill the Truth: The Case Against Jean Claude Duvalier." This report propelled the Haitian authority to bring Duvalier into justice for crimes against Human Rights, during his time in power (The Duvaliers).

Even CIA Factbook has no record or evidence of crimes committed by Aristide. If CIA Factbook, the world greatest intelligence organization, has no record or evidence of crimes committed by a leader, this means such accusation is accurately out of reality, whereas CIA Factbook has all evidence or record of all crimes committed by the Duvalier's regimes.

All the crimes Aristide had/has been accused of were/are the fabrications made by the administrations of the former Presidents Georges W. Bush Jr. of the United States, President Jacques Chirac of France, President Johannes Rau of Germany and Prime Minister Paul Martin of Canada and the Duvalierists to mount infamous reputations and images against him, so as to find a reason to remove him from power.

The reality is, as they say that Clifford Brandt, the elitist mastermind Haitian kidnapper, is imprisoned, if it is true, it would be as though he is on vacation inside of a place against his desire. And in the case of former President Jean Claude Duvalier, due to corruption and empathy based upon social status that exist within the Haitian Justice System, it would have never convicted him, in accord to his status, connection, wealth and power...


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