Wednesday, October 22, 2014

…Comparing Renee Zellweger’s Past-Physical Appearance to the Present One

Luders Allen

October 22, 2014
© Copyright 2014

On October 20, 2014, Renee Zellweger, actress, producer and voice artist, attended the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards. And since that time she has become the aim of the media in a very critical way. 

Her photos have been appearing on TVs, Newspapers and Social Websites. People have been talking critically about her present look. And users of many social websites have been posting her photos and writing critical comments: by comparing her past-physical appearance to the present one.

People have been making lots of animadversions, in any form, on her present-physical appearance. They find that she does not look as attractive as she used to. Apparently, those people that are making those severe criticisms on her present-physical appearance have a profound misconception about human’s aging process, in life.

As it is commonly known: natural aging process is unavoidable, in an individual’s life span. Meantime, it reduces gradually the strength and physical beauty of that individual. 

As time goes by and that individual is getting older, certain active organs in his or her bodily system become to work slower thereby affect the skin and make it look thinner and drier. This facticity of aging process has slowly taken away that individual’s strength and physical beauty… 

Notwithstanding, there are only two ways to combat the appearance of oldness, i.e., by exercising and eating healthily and also by practicing a medical term, which is called ‘Extrinsic Aging’. 

‘Extrinsic Aging’ means: by taking medications and by going through dermatological surgery or surgeries. Emphatically, practicing ‘Extrinsic Aging’ is very risky. It can result to crippling or death. The best way to go along with natural aging process is by exercising and eating healthily.

The reality is, even though both ways are being practiced, natural aging process is still going to play a dominant role on an individual’s strength and physical beauty. As it is natural and becomes unavoidably, it therefore surpasses human’s ability to manage it. As a result of that, no individual can beat it…

Perhaps, in the case of Renee Zellweger, she may not believe in practicing ‘Extrinsic Aging’ method. Consequently, she prefers to get old naturally (there’s nothing wrong about that and it’s wonderful). 

In addition, she may have been going through personal difficulties or medical issues in her life and these affect her natural aging process quicker. And she has kept her personal matters privately, away from the media…

Stressfully, certain people are carried out natural aging process differently than others. This depends upon their bodily systems and life’s experiences… 

Certain people appear to look much younger than their actual ages, when they are getting old. And certain people appear to look older than their actual ages, when they are getting old.

In fact, it is clearly evident to see and realize how people in the American society (if not in the world) obsess with human’s physical beauty. In the intense term of life, physical beauty is just an illusion. 

For instance, there are so many things, such as accident, infirmity, chronic illness, medical situations and many more that can happen in just seconds to an individual and take away that individual’s physical beauty.

Those people that are making animadversions, in any form, upon Renee Zellweger’s natural aging process (or on any individual’s natural aging process) show no compassion toward life, natural aging process, getting old and or being old…

Life has much more to offer than human’s physical beauty… As stated previously, human’s physical beauty is just a deceptive appearance…