Sunday, December 18, 2011


(Dedicated to Haiti)

Luders Allen

April 1998
© Copyright 1998

You keep shooting and burning me
For your own sake and pleasure.
You keep shooting and burning me
For greediness and power.

Can’t you see before your eyes
And your conscience, I am sick?
I am in deep pain and hopeless!

My body has been burning from shooting after
Shooting and from fire after fire. Each time I
Am nearly healed, you shoot me or you start a
Fire. Why are you causing me so much pain?

Tears don’t slide down my face anymore.
They dry like sand in the desert.
The echo of my voice sounds like

A nearly dead deer in the jaw of a lion, from the
Endless pain you’ve caused me. Here you start
Shooting at me again and I am far from healing of
My existing wounds and burning skins.

You keep saying you love me:
I am your deepest heart and soul,
I am your shiny star and paradise.

If you really love me, why don’t you free me?
Free me from my long time torment.
Free me, I can harvest my sweet fruits, greens…
And I can breathe again my sweet-little wind.

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