Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Being

Luders Allen

July 2003
© Copyright 2003

I’m what you see: a shiny ebony.
What you are, this is what I am:
A creature made by God just as you.
God made me this way as an infinite
Rotation which can never be
Metamorphosed. What you see before
Your eyes is sheerly what I am.

If you are tormented by what I am,
You are the cause of your own
Calamity. If you see me different
Before your eyes that aggravates and
Stimulates your feeling into fear,
Hatred and anger without learning
Who I am, it is based on your

Conceivable choice, from which, you
Find your grandeur, your glory, your
Privilege and your individuality.
The difference that you see before
Your eyes and so am I, it is just
An illusion. Inside of me, there
Is a variety of instruments

That play the same music that plays
Inside of you, and release compressed air
Through my pipes and yours that cause
You and I breathe the same air, we feel the
Same pain, we shed tears for the same
Causes, we share the same sadness,
The same happiness and the same destiny.

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