Sunday, December 18, 2011

Little Piggy and His Mom

Luders Allen

April 2008
© Copyright 2008

Little Piggy has so often heard negative remarks on him and his Mother’s natures and physical appearances, thereby he loses his self-esteem and dislikes himself and his Mom. So, as Little Piggy is young and yet not understand what real life is all about, his Mom is training him so as to build up his self-esteem and also to accept his existence. Eventually, as time has gone by and Little Piggy gotten older, he becomes to love and accept himself the way he is.

“GWEN, GWEN, GWEN, GWEN, GWEN, GWEN, GWEN!!!!” Little Piggy’s Mom was squealing while eating the grasses….

“Mom, how does your voice sound so funny?” Little Piggy asked his Mom.

“Ah, son, let me concentrate on whatever I could find to eat in the field,” Little Piggy’s Mom replied.

“Mom, I want to know Mom!” Little Piggy answered.

“Son, it is yet too soon for you to understand my nature. When you grow up, you are going to be just like Mom,” Little Piggy’s Mom said. “Ah, look at you now son, you are getting big!”

“Really, oh no Mom, just like you I am getting…” Little Piggy replied.

“Son, it seems like you don’t love yourself. Son, let me tell you this: you have to love yourself the way you are. God creates you and I and others like us this way and God loves us all. Son, from now on, I want you to love yourself, promise?” Little Piggy’s Mom said to Little Piggy.

“Mom, I love the way you talk to me. No one has ever talked to me this way before. People are always making bad remarks on our nature and physical appearance. This is why I have never believed and loved myself. Now, you make me love and proud of myself,” Little Piggy replied.

“Never mind about bad things people are saying about you. In life, it is easier for people to say bad things on others than good things. The best thing is to love yourself and others [even those who always make bad remarks on you]. Always love yourself no matter what. Once you believe and love yourself, people’s bad remarks on you will not affect your life and individuality. The way you see yourself that’s the way others see you,” Little Piggy’s Mom said. “WOW, look at my son, you are Big Piggy now. You are not Little Piggy, anymore. I am proud of you, son, for being who you are. I love you!”

“Oh yes Mom, now, I am just like you: big ears, big-squealing voice, big flat-long nose (snout), fat etc., and I love myself the way I am. Thank you so much Mom for making me accept and love the way I am. I love you, too, Mom!” Little Piggy replied his Mom.

How building up one’s self-esteem and making one feels good habitually about himself or herself are so important in life! Never mind about bad remarks people are making on you. If you believe in those remarks, they just become reflections on you. The way you see yourself, that’s the way others see you. Believe in yourself and others will soon believe in you.

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